What is Service of Process?

In legal terms, “process” is the paper notification from a court which compels an individual to do something such as appear as a witness, produce evidence, or relinquish property. Examples of the most common types of process include: Summons, Notices of Hearing, Witness Subpoenas, Subpoenas Duces Tecum, and Writs of Garnishment.

The primary purpose for service of process is to give a defendant notice that a legal proceeding has been instituted against him or her and give the individual an opportunity to defend and argue against it. The process advises the defendant of the nature of the action brought against him or her.

Who serves my papers?

When service of process was first instituted, it was performed by sheriffs or deputies, and agents of the court. This became a burden on law enforcement, so the legislation was changed. Now, in many states, any US citizen that is not a party to the case, over the age of 18, and residing in the state where the matter is to be tried can serve papers.

Keep in mind that process serving laws differ from state to state and may change. Some states require a that process server be licensed, some require registration with the county and in some states they are required to post a surety bond.

Are process servers required to be licensed?

Not all states require a process server to be licensed. However, some states require that process servers be registered in their county or state, or appointed to serve in a specific county.

Why should I hire a process server?

Hiring a Legal Process Server is an important step in proceeding with a court case. Process servers have the skills and experience to serve your legal documents in timely and affordable manner and, more importantly, serve them in accordance with the local and state process serving laws.

There are several requirements and constraints associated with the rules of service of process. In some states you cannot serve on Sundays or holidays. Some places do not allow papers to be served on a person traveling to court. It is also very important to note that papers cannot be served by someone who is involved in the case or legal proceeding.

If a serve is not done in accordance with these rules, this can hinder your case from going forward or result in the dismissal of your case. Improper Service also delays obtainment of evidence, which can cause injunctions, court fees, and attorney’s fees.

If you are serious about your case, you want the papers to be served properly. Paying a professional process server a nominal fee can save your case.

How can I track my papers?

All clients are  provided with a login id and password to our website allowing 24/7 access to their files.

How fast can you process my documents?

We offer routine, rush, and priority services to accommodate your needs.

How can I pay for services rendered?

We accept cash, check or credit card. All credit card payments are accepted through our website via PayPal.

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